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Cheezy Cauliflower & Broccoli Meal - Wholly Veggie!



Ingredients: Cauliflower, Water, Broccoli, Chick pea balls (textured pea protein, chick peas, cooked red quinoa, pumpkin seed, manioc starch, potato starch, sunflower and/or canola oil), Cooked red split lentils (water, red split lentils), Vegan speciality cheddar flavor (water, modified starch, coconut oil, citric acid, salt, calcium carbonate, natural flavour, tara gum, olive extract, vitamin B12), Sweet potatoes, Yellow carrots, Coconut cream (coconut extract, water), Sunflower seeds, Rice flour, Natural flavour, Lemon juice, Salt, Garlic powder, Onion powder, Turmeric, White pepper, Smoked paprika.